A pale owl flapped to the top of a spruce tree in the park this morning, and sat there, stone still. Very rare sighting.

Eleven crows flying northward, chatting. (close attention to their silhouettes this time, plus it’s lighter now for morning walks – yay (solar) spring! – definitely blunt-tailed, smooth ruffed crows, not V-tailed craggy ravens.)

> It’s somewhat warmer today, after a week of chill-you-to-the-bone, and lots of deep snow remains everywhere.

2 thoughts on “Owl

  1. Sheri Hathaway

    February is nesting season for owls. Here’s a tidbit about another bird: the Calgary Zoo is starting a program to save the sage grouse as it’s going extinct. They eat nothing but sage!

  2. misshermit Post author

    I can imagine why they’d be in trouble then!

    Heard the owl call the next day at the dusky time of morning, about a block away from the first sighting. Certainly a plentiful eating area for setting up shop here.



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