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Full Moon!

Several years ago I began incorporating the moon cycle into my lifestyle. I take care to notice when the moon is full and when it is dark, and give it concrete meaning in my life by slightly altering my diet on those days. This involved depending on a moon calendar until two dogs became a part of my life – now I can’t help but notice this heavenly body slipping in and out through the mornings and evenings!

I feast at the full moon and do a fast of sorts at the dark moon. I explore the symbolism and energy that people have found meaningful in these rhythms and I develop personal meaning for myself.

The moon cycle is a reminder for me that fluctuation is a natural part of life. Sometimes things go smoothly, sometimes life is painful or disappointing. Sometimes health is good, sometimes health is troublesome. Sometimes it’s easy to be happy, sometimes sadness overwhelms.

At the full moon, I feast by adding cream and sugar to my afternoon coffee, enjoying a glass of wine at supper, buying a bakery treat for dessert. As I indulge I say: “Sometimes life is sweet.

At the dark moon, I often fast from sugar and treats, drinking black coffee, eating plain food, no alcohol. As I deprive I say: “Sometimes life is bitter.”

These ritual observances help to ground my life experience in an understanding of change and cycles – life feels good now: enjoy, and be ok with the knowledge that it isn’t always like this; life hurts now: this is a natural part of existence; it doesn’t feel this way forever.

Happy October Full Moon!